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IMG_7009If you’re looking for a photographer who makes you feel at ease, you’re in the right place.

Having dabbled in photography since he was a child, Taariq always knew he wanted to be a photographer. The sense of pride that came over him when he clicked a picture that captured a moment, an expression, was something he could not ignore.

His first step towards his goal of becoming a photographer began with the purchase of a Canon Powershot S3 – the best of the best in Canon’s prosumer camera range. Armed with it, he began exploring the possibilities of photography – what ISO, F stop and shutter speed did to a photograph; how they worked hand in hand to turn out just the right amount of highlights and shadows that made up a picture that captured the moment just as it was seen. Having understood the basic concepts of photography, the next natural step was to own an SLR and discover the magic that SLR photography brings.

Taariq has come a long way from his humble beginnings and has captured countless moments of different peoples’ lives; also trying his hand at product photography for The Cake Factory and their 2011 Cricket World Cup cupcake range – among others. His passion has always, however, been in capturing peoples’ emotions – be it happiness, surprise or even deep-thought – especially in children. The main reason for this being in the fact that children have no layers; they bare their souls because that’s all they know to do and they do it with wreckless abandon.

The biggest complain that we’ve got is that as a parent, friend, lover or companion you are made to choose between either being in the moment or capturing it. This is where Comfy Creativity would like to come in. As opposed to you coming to us, we come to you. Your backyard or your neighbourhood park becomes our studio and in that space we will capture you in your most natural state. The main objective for the shoot is to make ensure that we capture the real essense of You – including your character and personality. Take a look at our Comfy Galleries and you’ll know what we mean..

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