How does it work?

The process:

Once the package is picked and paid for, Taariq will send you an email with a link for you to pick a time for your initial consultation. This consult could be over the phone, Skype or FaceTime and will go over the initial details of the shoot such as:

  • Dates and times (primary and secondary as we all know how predictable Melbourne’s weather can be)
  • Theme of the shoot (what would you like the mood of the shoot to be?)
  • Who’s going to be there (children? grandparents?)
  • Location(s) of the shoot
  • Anything else Taariq should be aware of on the day of the shoot (anyone that shouldn’t be brought up? something that you’d rather he not mention?)

On the day before the shoot, Taariq will be in touch with you to confirm that the shoot is going ahead (given the weather is going to be cooperative, nothing urgent has popped up, and all is going to plan). In the event that the shoot doesn’t go ahead on the primary date (for whatever reason), the shooting date will be shifted to the secondary date.

In the unfortunate event that something completely blindsiding does come up on the day of the shoot, Taariq isn’t heartless enough to run away with your money and say “tough luck” – he will work with you to reschedule your photoshoot for another date (but would hand-on-heart prefer to not have too many changes as they have the potential to throw a lot of things into flux at his end. He hopes you understand :)).

On the day of the shoot, Taariq will be at the decided location 30 mins before the confirmed shoot time so as to be prepared for the shoot when you arrive. The shoot will commence and run for the agreed time – so please do everything you can to be on time.

Once the shoot is complete, Taariq will endeavour to have your private gallery ready for your viewing within 5 business days and will email you the details for you to log in and view the images in the gallery. From this gallery, you would select your images to be retouched (based on the package you’ve chosen) and let Taariq know which those images are. Upon receiving this information, it would take between 5 and 15 working days (depending on the number of images) for the images to be put on to a DVD and be on their way to you.

Please note that on the day of the shoot, Taariq will be bringing along with him a model release form for you to fill out. This is required in order for your images to be displayed on this website.


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